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​* THANK YOU! I am impressed with your services.  The sitter you provided was wonderful and my kids felt comfortable and safe with her. - Shannon 

* Jillian was AMAZING!  She's a great person and my kids loved her.  Thank you for referring her to me.  She's a keeper. - Kimberly

* Frances did great according to the boys.  They said she wasn't on her phone and from what they tell me the did a lot of hands on arts and crafts made lunch and a little fort.  Said they didn't even watch tv! Thanks - Crystal

* We so enjoyed and appreciated Laura. She is a great asset to your company and if you ever need any references for her I would be happy to! Thank You for your help.  - The Richardsons

* Rebecca  was absolutely fabulous.  My son was ill the whole weekend when she sat for us and she was just so patient, reliable and great.
  I appreciate it! - Michelle

* My experience with you and your service has been refreshingly professional, positive, and fast. I will recommend ABQ Sitters to some of my colleagues who have recently bemoaned the fact that they don't have sitters nor know how to find some. Best - Anita

* I feel so lucky having access to your organization and your wonderful sitters to watch my son. It gives me, as a single mother, great comfort to know I can utilize a dependable and caring individual and actually be away from home and get things taken care of (appointments, lunch etc). Your organization is a blessing for Jacob and  I.  Thank You - Stacy 

* I am thankful you are here...a month without an adult dinner is a long time! - Christy

* It's been so good for my husband and I to be able to get away for a few hrs to reconnect. We don’t have family in town and it can be so hard otherwise.  Thank you! - Rhonda   

* I wanted to tell you what a FABULOUS experience we had with your sitter. The girls absolutely loved her and we were comfortable with her from the minute she arrived.  She was experienced and gave off an air of complete confidence. Thank you so much for your wonderful service!! Best regards - Stephanie

* Thank you for always sending the very "best" to us.  The girls are starting to get excited to meet new sitters!  - Shanele  

* It has been a pleasure working with your sitters.  I am so relieved to have people who I trust and can rely on.  They have done things for my daughter that I didn't have to ask them to do. I hope to have the chance to work with both of them again in the future. - Karen

* My boys absolutely love Nohemi- they said she is their favorite of all the sitters we have had!  They said they really like her because she talks to them a lot and is never on her phone.  They really look forward to spending time with her!   I am looking forward to meeting Samantha! Thank you so much!- Sharry

* I'd like to thank you for providing such a great service.  Your sitter was great, the kids loved her and we felt very comfortable having her care for our girls. Your prompt and efficient scheduling for our weekend getaway was impressive. - Jen

​* ABQ Sitters has been a God-send for us.  Thank you so much for having the vision to create such a service.  Both sitters have been wonderful.  It is so nice to be able to take part in some things that we might otherwise not have been able to. - Lauren.

* Thank you so much - I have to tell you again that I am very pleased w/your service - It is nice to know I can get a reliable person 
without a lot of hassle.  Virginia


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