Locally Owned & Operated
Babysitting & Nanny Agency
Since 2006

ABQ Sitters, LLC Service Fees

    $25 - One-Time Registration Fee

    $25 - Monthly Fee (this fee is charged on a monthly

    basis, after the first sitting of the month).  

    This is not a recurring fee so if a sitter is not           requested this will not be charged.




ABQ Sitters, LLC is a New Mexico State Registered Babysitting Referral Agency, specializing in the placement of sitters/nannies, offering services day/night - 7 days a week - 365 days a year.     We make hiring a sitter/nanny nearly effortless and guarantee an incomparable experience for all. We simplify the process of hiring a FUN, yet responsible and mature babysitter.  We personally pre-screen and interview all candidates face-to-face before they are ever sent to your home (or hotel). We perform New Mexico State Background Checks, verify references, and require all sitters to be CPR/First Aid Certified (or enroll in a class within 3 months). 
ABQ Sitters, LLC is locally owned & operated by Trisha McWilliams.

Parent Testimonials

My son will be delighted! After Lauren sat the last time the first thing he said when he woke up was, "Mom, can you and Lauren trade places?".  I guess I should have been insulted, instead I was happy he liked her so much. - Michelle
Hourly Rates (80% pd to sitter by parent & 20% charged by ABQ Sitters)
     1 Child: $10 ($8 paid to sitter & $2 paid to ABQ Sitters)
     2 Children: $12 ($9.60 paid to sitter & $2.40 paid to ABQ Sitters)
     3 Children: $15 ($12 paid to sitter & $3 paid to ABQ Sitters)
     4 Children+: $5/hr per child

Cancellation Fee 
     We understand things happen, so if you must cancel, please do so 
      within 24 hours of your sitter’s scheduled arrival time.  
      Appointments cancelled with less than a 24-hour notice will be           subject to a $25 cancellation charge.
Be aware of “Internet Agencies”.  The majority of the agencies found on-line do not meet sitters/nannies face-to-face.  Their idea of an interview is either having the applicant fill out an on-line application or they perform a phone interview.  They never meet face-to-face, so you never know who will show-up at your door-step.  With ABQ Sitters, LLC you are guaranteed that the sitter showing up is the one who applied, passed back ground checks and interviewed face-to-face for the position.
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